Prepping Skills

In prepping a lot of skills are needed. One of the skills I have is leather work below is a hoslter I made for a friend that wanted me to design him one. The art work is taken from a picture of an Indian Chief on Horseback with symbols around that has to do with the indian way of life.

I have made everything from leather key chains to holsters. I made another holster for a friend on the internet that I never met personally but I have known him for 10 years. I also made a western style holster for a 6 gun 😂 they turn out quite well. But this is just a hobby.

The skills I have include cooking, hunting, fishing, electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics and robotics. There is many more skills that are offsets of these basic skills.

To prepare for an emergency there is several things you need to understand. First just buying food, guns and ammo is not going to make you survive. The most important part is your mind. If you keep an open mind and look for ways to do things without having the things that are standardly used then you will be able to survive. Learning is the most imporant part of Prepping.

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